I dont feel/look 18. word.
other than some dude falling on my neck, today was soo amazing! longest crowd surf I had ever done to my favorite band, got to see so many others, hung with friends, sang my heart out, sweat all my frustrations and troubles out and just had a great time! met two people with birthdays tomorow as well and ugh…. got to meet two important people. past and present
 @michaeljagmin from one of the first bands I got into, & @telletwa from my favorite! TWA ♥ thanks to my brother/sister and law for the trip ♥ COULDN’T IMAGINE A BETTER WAY TO SPEND MY LAST DAY AS A MINOR.
today es duh day ♡
it was such an honor and pleasure to be part of this event for the last half of my highschool career; as a junior interviewer and as a senior committee member. Thanks to the committee, the teachers involved and Mr. Corona for putting history before our presence. ♡ #kinghighremembers

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