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ten word poem /// r.i.d


cuando piensas de una persona, solamente en tu noches tristes.

pidiendole a dios que te lo presta una sola ves mas, para que puedes enseñarle cuanta falta le ases.

cada dia piensas, “que estara pensado? se olvido de lo que tubimos? me ama como yo lo amo?”

nunca a creido que pudiera amar UNA…

+que la chingada..


when that one boy you oh so love gets your hopes up;

just to make you sigh at the end of the day with dissapointment.

when at the look of his name, your stomach tightens.

when he reaches out to you…& makes everything seem like nothing.

you sit at the corner of your room hoping one day hes…


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"Why are you allowed to keep secrets but I am expected to tell you everything?"
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